Counterpath Poetry's Reproductive Justice Project

Update, Part II: Happy to have completed this piece and sent it off to its new home! This embroidery mini-project consists of a pairing of large and small circles stitched in winding, organic shapes.

Lighthouse Writers Workshop: Summer Young Writers

I had such a great time teaching these two summer camps for young writers at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop!


I ran a middle school workshop on graphic fiction and visual poetry where we brought together visual and verbal elements as part of self-expression.


And in “Toil & Trouble: Writing Spell Poems,” 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders created chants and charms drawn from natural elements to make magical pieces of writing.

Reproductive Justice Fundraiser at Counterpath

I’m so honored to be part of Counterpath’s Reproductive Justice fundraiser and reading this summer. Organized by activists, writers, and artists, this event supports reproductive justice by generating and donating funds to Planned Parenthood and The Yellowhammer Fund, which assists with access to abortion services in Alabama.


Update, Part 1

Laying out embroidery thread to finish up this project—a pairing of circles filled with winding stitches and organic shapes reminiscent of vines, leaves, flowers, and other topographic textures.

Making Media Matter at the University of Denver

It was great to present a mini conference paper on the Glore Embroidery and Hannah Weiner’s notion of “trying to show the mind” (from Mostly About the Sentence).

I rewrote language from the Glore across heavy drop cloths, cut them into individual words, and had the audience make their own poems from it. Instead of only reading the language, they were able to physically handle it, manipulate it, and create their own, spontaneous works from it.

I’m hoping to use these “found poems” as part of an in-process project on the Glore…


Dreams @ Lighthouse North

I got to teach a workshop yesterday with five wonderful young women writers (8-10 years old). We explored dreams as sites of textual inspiration and looked at prose poems, non-linear short stories, and surrealistic art (like Papilla Estelar by Remedios Varo, below) to figure out how to harness “dream logic” as a tool to use in our writing. And it was held at the new Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop North location—a great space to teach!


Surrealism at Denver School of the Arts

A huge thank you to Denver School of the Arts for inviting me to teach a Surrealism Workshop! We had great fun calling forth Suzanne and Aimé Césaire’s The Voice of the Oracle game from April 1942:


Q: What is poetry?

A: It is the bell tolled by the sky’s great wind.

Image: Remedios Varo, Still Life Resurrecting, 1963

Lighthouse: Young Writers Workshops

In "Dreams and Diaries" we explored ancient forms of journal-keeping from the pillow book to the zibaldone to the silva rerum. These amazing young writers are adding final touches to their own mini commonplace books and multimedia journals: 


Art Gym!

I started work at Denver's Art Gym today! (Finally, a venue that can house the textile portions of this manuscript!)


Pink Progression Project

I'm so proud to be a part of Pink Progression, a publication and series of exhibits in response to the women's and sister's marches last January.

From their website: "On January 21, 2017 history was made when over two million people joined women and sister marches in more then five hundred US cities and around the world. During the marches, pink created a strong visual statement representing unity and empowerment. Over forty local artists incorporate this hue as it reflects manifestations of personal, social, and gender connections. This exhibit includes all gender identities and expressions."

A poem of mine will be displayed alongside work by visual artists from the Denver area. We'll be showing at the Boulder Public Library starting February 16, the Denver Public Library starting March 2, and the Center for Visual Art on March 31st. More info here:


Oh! Oh! Uh Oh!

An excerpt from my current manuscript, Oh! Oh! Uh Oh! is up at Entropy today! This is a long prose poem in numbered sections about the relationship between repetition and ritual, as well as how obsessive-compulsive behavior works (or doesn't) in the body.